Redlight King have been heating up airwaves with their single ‘Bullet in My Hand’ off of their debut album ‘Something For the Pain’ and now they have released acoustic videos for both the hit single and album’s title track.

In our interview with Redlight King, frontman Kaz told us that ‘Bullet In My Hand’ is about “taking a chance and making the decision to move forward. That is what it’s about and musically I wanted it to rock really hard. The song started with the line “I came out of the darkness / With a bullet in my hand.” I thought of it metaphorically as that was the one bullet that I’m gonna finally do myself in with and instead of doing it, sort of put the gun down and came out of it with one more shot.”

He went on to say, “It’s how I felt at the time, it’s still how I feel. What can I say, it’s not easy for us sometimes. If people can relate to that song, I’m glad in one way [laughs] and I know how scary it can be but it’s definitely a song about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.”

He also added that moving from Canada to Los Angeles partially inspired the album ‘Something For the Pain’ as a whole. “I’m originally from Hamilton, Ontario, in Canada so I sold all my stuff and made this huge move to Los Angeles and then when I got to L.A., I wrote the first song ‘Something for the Pain’ and of course that sparked the creation of Redlight King and the band and continuing to write songs for the record.”

The album ‘Something for the Pain’ is available on iTunes. Check out Loudwire’s full exclusive interview with Kaz of Redlight King and take a look at the acoustic videos below.

Check Out Redlight King’s Acoustic Version of ‘Bullet in My Hand’

Check Out Redlight King’s Acoustic Version of ‘Something for the Pain’