Newly elected to a fourth 2-year term representing the 4th district of the state of Washington in Congress, Rep. Dan Newhouse (R-Wa.) has expressed the hope that his constituents and his fellow Americans will remain calm as the drawn out legal proceedings regarding the 2020 election continue to unfold.

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Newhouse will be patient as the Trump campaign's lawsuits work their way through the courts, if any of them even get going in any state at all, to give voters confidence in the outcome. That being stated, Newhouse was specific when he said, "That doesn't mean I believe there was any illegal activity in any state."

Quoted in an interview last Saturday, Newhouse continued, "Unless you've got hard evidence, accusations like that are not well-founded. And that is why I think a legal challenge is OK and reasonable, but to come to that conclusion before the results of any kind of recount or investigation, I think probably does diminish the confidence the American people have in our system.  And so, If I were president, I would be very, very cautions about making that kind of statement."

A few others in the GOP said that while they easily accept the president's right to challenge the election protocols, and press those claims in court, they have not seen the evidence that would change the outcome in several states needed to overturn the results of the election.

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Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman, a Republican, and the state's top election official, said the election in Washington state has gone remarkably well, given the inherent COVID-19 challenges, and that all the thanks should go to the work of election administrators and election workers. Wyman said, "These are people who are committed to producing elections that are fair and accurate and they commit their life's work to that."

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