I posted a disturbing story last week about two cats that we're found mutilated in the city of Kennewick well over the weekend two more cats were found cut in half,bringing the total to four cats. Now local restauranteur Joel of 'Just Joel's' is offering up a reward

Here's the video Joel posted on Sunday offering $1k for the name of the individual who is killing and mutilating cats in Kennewick. The bounty quickly grew to $3k with donations from various community members

The Tri-Cities Animal Control has released this statement regarding this disturbing situation

Important Animal Cruelty Announcement!
Tri-Cities Animal Shelter & Control Services has responded to two more cats found cut in half. The locations of the discoveries were near 17th & Kellogg along the canal in Kennewick. The other was on the 1100 Block of W. Parkhill Drive in Kennewick. Kennewick Police Department is also working on these cases to find out who is responsible for these crimes. If you have video surveillance, please check it is working properly and contact us if you have any information. We can be reached at 509-545-3740. Please keep your pets safe and don't allow them to roam!

If you have any information please contact the Tri-Cities Animal Control of if you know the person responsible call Just Joel's 


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