Bullying has been a hot topic surrounding our nation's youth, but the most recent story on the subject actually involves two NFL offensive linemen.
After the Miami Dolphins learned about both threatening and racially charged text messages along with voicemails sent by guard Richie Incognito to rookie teammate Johnathan Martin, the team suspended Incognito indefinitely.
Today, Artrell Hawkins dropped another slight wrinkle into the saga by tweeting a photo from the Dolphins/Bengals game program this past Thursday.
With the game falling on Halloween, one portion of the program featured a holiday themed Q&A with selected Dolphins players. Not only do we learn that Incognito loves Twix and Fred Flintstone, but coincidentally enough, the teammate that Incognito had been allegedly bullying to the point that he left the team, Johnathan Martin, is the 'Easiest Teammate to Scare'.
Incognito says he wants to 'clear his name', but with what has been released in the last 72 hours, that won't be happening anytime soon...