I had been growing my dad beard out for a while and finally decided to get a trim. I was strictly told by my wife not to shave it completely off, lest I look like a baby and no longer be attractive. (I kid, but seriously...)

I had been recommended by my bearded buddy to try a place in Richland that does old-fashioned haircuts and shaves. I went into Steadfast Barbershop in Richland's Uptown Shopping Center. The guys were great. We talked about bands like Loudermilk and the Drive-By Truckers, and about my barber's 3 marriages.

I got an old-fashioned straight razor shave. That was awesome. I'd always wanted one since that scene from Skyfall. It was very refreshing, classic, and gentlemanly.

You may have seen them set up at the Tattoo Convention or walked by their shop. They have old-school chairs and equipment. It's like being sent back in time to the 1930's and having a haircut before your big mob boss spaghetti get-together. It was pretty inexpensive, too! I may have a new routine!

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