It's that time of year again when local police agencies like to remind you to lock it, remove it, or lose it!

92% of vehicle prowls are from unlocked vehicles according to the West Richland Police Department. I myself was once a victim of a vehicle prowl on a day when I didn't lock my car. It actually was locked, and I ran out to get something from it and forgot to lock it back up. On that one day out of all the days, I got prowled.

The weather is getting colder and folks like to start up and warm their cars. If you don't have a remote start that keeps your vehicle locked, it's probably better just to spend the first couple of minutes in your car freezing!

The video below from the Richland Police Department was actually produced a couple of years ago, but they shared it again and I found it humorous again! In case you haven't seen it, it will show you that keeping your Spudnuts in an unlocked car is not a good idea! (And stealing donuts from a cop is just plain IGNERNT.)

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