I'm not really sure how it got started this summer, but the RHS Bombers logo is attracting national media attention again... for the umpteenth time. FOX NEWS is supportive (no surprise).

Before you start feeling special, remember that the Fox News segment aired after midnight in a show called "Red Eye."

We are sad how few reporters are pointing out the mascot is really an airplane paid for with contributions from Hanford workers who sacrificed to help the war effort. Or that the "Proud of the Cloud" movement began during the Cold War when they were thinking of how the cloud was preventing a war against Russia, not fighting Japan.

But predictably the debate has turned into whether the cloud is a symbol of saving 2 million lives toward the end of World War II, or it's a symbol of killing 80,000 civilians after Japan's military assets were already incapacitated by fire bombing.

We just hope everyone feels free to share their opinion respectfully.