A Richland man is likely facing 2 felonies after allegedly running over and pinning a 4 year old under his boat on a Pasco beach. David C. Smith of Richland faces two felonies,  second-degree assault and hit-and-run with a vessel and is out on $10,000 bail awaiting trial. A witness told police he was standing on the beach when he noticed Smith driving towards the beach at a high rate of speed according to news reports. He spotted the young boy floating in about 3 feet of water and in the way of the boat. the man tried to grab him out of the way but was too late. He then saw Smith drive over the boy with his boat, pushing the boy and the boat up onto the beach.

Smith allegedly then left the scene with the propeller still spinning and the boat on top of the boy. Witnesses rushed in to help push the boat off the boy and turn off the boat engine. Witnesses claim to see Smith drinking alcohol before the incident, which Smith denies. Police tried to locate Smith after he left the scene but could not locate him at his house. Later, Smith contacted police and agreed to meet for an interview on Monday. He was arrested shortly after and posted bail later that day. The father of the ran over boy was also in Smiths boat and faces charges of obstructing a law enforcement officer for getting verbally abusive at the scene.