David Schreiber would have been 3-years old on Friday.

Courtesy of Jennifer Schreiber
Courtesy of Jennifer Schreiber

He died last summer from blunt force trauma while in the care of his nanny who is currently facing charges in his death.

David's parents wanted to honor his tragically short life with a memorial dedication ceremony that will be held Friday, at 11:30am at the Richland library.

The dedication will reveal 3 new interactive wall panels, each 5-feet wide, and activity tables in the children's area donated as a tribute to David.

The panel activities include spinners and magnets, with no detachable pieces, perfect for preschool and primary graders. There also will be two tables, one for Lego Duplo toys and the other for trains, in addition to frosted glass clouds that will hang from the ceiling with thee words: Talk, Sing, Read, Write, Play.

A plaque with David's picture will be installed on a nearby wall to honor "his spirit and his love for playing and reading and just being as interactive as possible".

Kelly Reed, Richland children's librarian, said it is so amazing that a family can suffer such a personal tragedy yet still bring something so beautiful out of it for the community.

More details on the family background and the progress of the criminal case here.


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