I had to read Richland Police Chief Skinner's post a couple of times:

Richland Police Department
Richland Police Department

Social media has become so important to building our relationship with the community. I want you all to look forward to seeing the good work of the men and women of the Richland Police Department. Recently we have decided to readjust our approach to the posting of information so that we can bring you valuable content. It concerns me that social media for law enforcement has become an online reality show. We encounter individuals on a daily basis that are in crisis or are seen at their lowest points in their lives. We will continue to treat everyone with respect and dignity in the commission of our duties but will not be taking advantage of these individuals to further our social media presence. We want to tell our story and allow you all to feel more connected to this police department. Often we measure success in social media by the number of “followers”. I’m interested in gaining “believers” in what we do and how we do it. Thank you for your support of the Richland Police Department. - Chief Chris Skinner

And then scan the hundreds of comments that followed.

Look, this is why I love living in the Tri-Cities. Each town has its unabashed and unapologetic approach to doing things.

I encourage the difference between all three PD's approaches to handling social media. Why be like everyone else? But to take other departments to task under the guise of what we won't do, or stoop to, you're just reinforcing the stereotype that everyone in Richland thinks they're better than everyone else and you need us to tell you what you're doing wrong for your own good.

Ok, thanks for that.

I can feel the "stir the pot post" online mob swelling. Let's have it.

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