Chances are you've seen purple streetlights in Tri-Cities, namely Richland. What's the cause of this? Is it an awareness campaign? Is it a new technology? If you drive under one of these streetlights, you may notice that it works like a black light, making parts of your clothes shine in iridescent neon.

Photo by Sandro Katalina on Unsplash
Photo by Sandro Katalina on Unsplash

I'd become so accustomed to these lights, I never realized something was off. It wasn't until someone posed the question in r/TriCitiesWA and it appeared in my feed that I realized purple streetlights aren't supposed to exist.

Believe it or not, this is an issue that has been affecting not just Washington or the United States, but North America as a whole. Yes, even Canada has experienced this phenomenon! So what is the cause? I had to maneuver my way through some pretty insane YouTube videos where people honestly believe the purple lights are part of some Satanic government takeover to finally find a rational answer.

It's a manufacturing defect. The exterior coating of the LED bulb in the streetlights has failed somehow, causing the lights to shine purple or blue. I think the Satanic government theory was a little more exciting, to be honest.

Personally, I don't mind the purple lights. It kinda fits my whole vaporware dystopia vibe, however, I can empathize with people who are unsettled by them.

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