A homeless man who threatened customers with a hunting knife in a Richland Starbucks was convicted of murdering someone with a knife in 1983. Rory Alan Star was seen intoxicated and harassing customers with a large knife on Wednesday October 19th and was arrested according to news reports. Star has pleaded innocent and will face trail on December 12th.

Now we know that Star was arrested and convicted for killing a man with a knife in 1983 which he served 14 of a 30 prison sentence per sources. Since that time, Star has been in and out of Washington courts for misdemeanor offenses.

Richland Police have been getting calls about Star since August for minor infractions and now say he is a danger to others. Police Chief Cobb says "He poses a significant risk to people around him, whether they’re police officers or citizens.” One woman that was assaulted at Starbucks says he held the knife 12 inches away while he shouted obscenities at her. Star remains held at the Benton County Jail with a bond of $25,000.