I belong in a Tri-Cities Facebook group and one of the members posted about their missing daughter.

According to the posting, Ashley Precechtel has been missing since July of this year.

credit: Gina Marie Hendrix
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Ashley's mom made the plea for help on the All About Tri-Cities page and hopefully, someone will see this posting and have some information about her whereabouts.

credit: gina marie hendrix

Ashley's mom Gina Marie Hendrix posted the details about her disappearance:

This is my daughter Ashley Precechtel. She has been missing since July 7th. She is 37 years old. She was last seen in Richland Washington, Meadow Springs area leaving her father's home. She was riding a bicycle. We have had no contact from her at all. She left with no belongings. Not even her clothes. Anyone with any information can contact me at (208) 860-7520. Thank you.

I know that Gina must be really worried about Ashley. If you have any details, reach out to Gina and hopefully, we can make it a happy ending.

credit: gina marie hendrix

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