Since we will be driving by one, we were required to stop in and sit down at Hooters in Spokane...State Law, I swear to god it is. After a construction detour on Sullivan Rd, 100 various flavors of delicious Hooters chicken wings, a couple pitchers of soda, and a Spokane females number in the pocket of my buddy to the right, we made our way to the Greyhound Events Center for Rock Hard at the Park...where we parked in the median just outside the venue to save $5. Cheap bastids? Yeaop.

'Rock Hard at the Park' featured a stellar lineup to say the least. Madlife, Red Line Chemistry, Volbeat, All That Remains, Five Finger Death Punch, and Korn were all set to rock out the infield of the dogtrack at the Greyhound Events Center.

We were a bit, I know. I haven't heard much of Madlife, but check out Madlife's video for "Be Tomorrow' and you can see if you like 'em. Red Line Chemistry are good doods. They stopped into the 97 RocK Glass Hook Studios earlier this year. Check out their acoustic performance of "Don't Get It" live at 97 Rock.

We walked into the mass of people about 10 minutes before these bad ass doods from Denmark, better known as Volbeat, took the stage. Considering I had seen the rest of the nights bill at some point in my life, I was looking forward to Volbeat's set the most. When you mash up Metallica, Johnny Cash, Slayer and Elvis Presley, you produce Volbeat. High intensity. Loud. In-your-face Rock N Roll...and they did not disappoint. They ripped through 10 songs including two of my favorites, 'Still Counting' and 'Pool of Booze, Booze, Booza'

By the time Volbeat had completed, we had made our way to the front rail where we stayed for the remainder of the night. All That Remains followed Volbeat and rocked out an 11 song set, half of which included songs from their latest album, 'For We Are Many', along with their most popular singles 'Two Weeks' and 'Forever In Your Hands' another personal favorite, 'Six'. ATR sounded solid from beginning to end and hit song after song with little to no down time in between songs. You could tell by the amount of singing from the crowd that a lot of those in attendance were looking forward to seeing them perform.

At this point of the day things started to cool off temperature wise, which made things a bit more comfortable, but the music on the stage didn't slow down at all. Five Finger Death Punch took to the stage next, and just like the previous couple times I had seen them, they were on point and sounded very tight. The chants of "five finger DEATH PUNCH..five finger DEATH PUNCH" began a few minutes before the band took the stage and the crowd was definitely pumped up to see the band.

Even though they had a 12 song , wrapping up with 'Way of the Fist' for an encore, 5FDP Vocalist Ivan Moody's interaction with the crowd always stretches out their set and gave them more stage time than the previous bands that night. There were a couple of more notable moments in their set. The first being the introduction to the one new song they played, 'Under and Over It'. Check out the footage below.

Another cool thing that 5FDP did was call out 'the future of metal', inviting a dozen or so kids and their parents onto the stage to rock out to 'White Knuckles' from their debut album 'Way of the Fist'. Check out a quick video and you can see how much those kids enjoyed their moment on stage. Very cool!

The sun was completely down by the end of Five Finger Death Punch and the crowd began chants for the nights headliners, KORN! The crowd got really loud when Jonathan Davis' classic mic stand was unveiled. It looks like a metal version of a figurehead off of an old ship. Shortly after, Ray Luzier walked out to his immaculate and huge drum kit and everyone in attendance got as loud as possible. Korn rocked out a set that kicked off with 'Blind' and included a good mix of classics and newer songs...except for their brand new song 'Get Up'. They wrapped up the night with an encore one-verse medley of about 8 or so songs including 'Falling Away From Me', 'Thoughtless', Oildale', and 'Ya'll Want a Single'. Check out the footage below of Korn performing 'Here to Stay'.

I made out with a pick from Munky of Korn and a pick from Fieldy (even though he doesn't use a pick when he plays for Korn, he does use a pick while playing guitar for his sideproject Stillwell) and my buddy got himself a pick from Zoltan of 5FDP.

To sum it all up in one word. Epic. Absolutely perfect way to kick off the weekend. If you've got any pictures from the show...or any cool pictures that you want to share with 97 Rock, shoot it over to us at