For nearly a decade, the Roxy Pro has brought together the world's best women surfers to Biarritz for an original blend of elite surfing & top class music. The unique event kicked off on Wednesday and runs through Saturday, July 14, but it isn't getting recognition for what is happening with it's athletes. Instead, people are up in arms and talking about the teaser video that Roxy released a couple weeks ago.

The nearly two minute video shows a woman waking up in bed, getting ready for the day, and hitting the beach to catch some waves. During the video, the woman is barely wearing any clothing and only focuses on the woman's body and physical features, never actually showing her face or even her surfing.

Many are calling the video sexist, distasteful, disrespectful and in bad taste by a company that promotes empowering women. Watch the clip below and judge for yourself.

Here are my thoughts: People love to complain and social media has given a voice to any idiot who wants to show off their unintelligence in 140 characters or less. Why has everyone become so politically correct about everything? Of course she is a gorgeous blonde wearing a tiny bikini. She is a professional surfer. Get a grip and don't jump to conclusions. Do people actually think the Steph Gilmore (the athlete in the video who also recently took part in ESPN's Body Issue) wasn't a willing participant in this marketing campaign?!

The video was a teaser. Meaning it was leading up to a separate video/announcement. Anyone that is actually angry over what was focused on in the video above have completely missed the fact that Gilmore was just signed to Roxy. This video was just a bit of a game, used for surfing fans, to guess who Roxy's newest team member was. The teaser lead up to this announcement video:

What do you think? Was the teaser 'sexist'? Leave your comments below.