There have been numerous tweets coming out today saying that Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson was involved in a car crash and suffered two broken legs. To make this short and sweet: No, this is not true. Your season is safe, Seahawk fans.

The fact that no legitimate websites have posted any kind of information on the supposed incident guarantees that the story is bogus. Even more obvious, the story began via 'Global Associated News'. Sounds official. The "100% FAKE" site has seen it's fair share of celebrity hoaxes in the past simply because the only 'news' reported on is fake news. The bottom of the page even states that it is an "entertainment website."

You can play your own morbid jokes and troll your friends using anyone's name. Check out

If you believed this story today, then I have even more tragic news for you. The 'actor & novice snowboarder' Adam Sandler died today in Switzerland.