Russell Wilson is catching heat, not from the kitchen, #letrusscook, but from a scrambling move and subsequent half-slide that left a defender in no-man's-land.

Of course Russell Wilson had another amazing day for the Seattle Seahawks in a 10-point win over NFC West rival San Francisco 37-27, tossing four more TD passes with no picks as he is cementing his status as one of the NFL's serious MVP candidates in this 2020 campaign.

But it was his, as one commenter put it, "disingenuous interpretation and application of the QB slide rule," that is drawing fire and ire from Twittersphere, many calling the half-juke, then quick slide a bunk move as the defender, San Francisco's Jimmie Ward, had no choice once he saw the attempted fake, to commit to the tackle and hence could not hold up once Russ hit the deck.

That 15-yard penalty tacked on at the end of the run was a crucial play for many observers down the 4th quarter stretch as it helped Seattle put away the contest and move to a 6-1 overall record on the year.

"If Russell Wilson wants the protection of a sliding QB that’s given himself up, he should be required to make it plainly obvious that’s what he’s doing. The added fake and last-second slide essentially baits Jimmie Ward into initiating a tackle."

"Your leveraging a rule that is already too punitive in defensive players and you’re doing it purposely. It’s so cynical."

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The NFL's 2020 rulebook says that "if a defender has already committed himself, and the contact is unavoidable, it is not a foul unless the defender makes forcible contact into the head or neck area of the runner, or commits some other act that is unnecessary roughness." It also says a runner must start his slide "before contact by a defensive player is imminent."

Seattle travels to Buffalo to play the Bills this Sunday morning, 10:00 a.m. PST kickoff, in an un-Buffalo-like, balmy 67 degrees and sunshine expected for kickoff.

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