After the reveal of the ratings of the best players in the upcoming Madden video game, there is much controversy regarding Russell Wilson, and where he should be ranked. 

Currently, he is rated at 93, behind only Peyton Manning (98), Aaron Rodgers (98), and Drew Brees (96). Wilson is tied with Tom Brady. The same Tom Brady that willed his Patriots team to a 12-4 record, securing playoffs and an AFC East title. This same Patriots team that seemed to try to blow it any chance they got.

Russell Wilson was fortunate he had one of the best defenses in NFL history, along with a "beast" running game to aid him, and relieve pressure from him.

Being 5’11” doesn’t hurt Russell Wilson one bit in the Madden NFL 15 ratings. He is the ultimate dual threat with his 86 SPD (ranked eighth in NFL for QBs), 90 AGI (seventh), 92 ACC (second), and 93 Throw Power. Don’t be afraid to throw it deep (89 Deep Accuracy, ranked third) and on the run (fifth) with Wilson as well, he can do it all.

Are you telling me that of all QB's, only one has faster acceleration than Russell Wilson? This same league houses Cam Newton, RG3, Colin Kaepernick, and Michael Vick.

Don't get me started on that deep ball accuracy, which is higher than Peyton's. Second in the league? Really?

Personally, I feel an 87-90 would be a fair rating. Tom Brady is just classes ahead of Russell Wilson right now. I'm not discrediting Wilson at all, but he's not Tom Brady. If Brady had the Seahawks team last year, he would have thrown for 40+ touchdowns, and probably would have gone 16-0. Wilson had the better team, Brady is the better player.

I understand that his value as a mobile QB inflates his rating, but come on, this is nuts.

From Reddit:

"This is what holds the game back, the Seahawks have an average offense that relies heavily on the run, Wilson plays effectively in the confines of the system, but he is not in any way an elite QB. He cannot carry an offense like Brady. Now we have to stomach a bunch of 13-year-olds dropping back with Wilson 78 times per game and succeeding. 

Russell Wilson is an amazing QB. He is not elite. If leadership was a Madden rating, he'd have a 99. He's just not a statistical monster, like a 93 rated Madden player would be. Who knows, maybe he will be.

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