The Sasquatch! Music Festival has become one of the nation's premiere and most widely attended concert weekends. In 2013, the 4 day passes sold out in less than two hours, a lot of people were left having to search Craigslist for weekend passes to the Gorge Amphitheater.

Reactions to the announcement have been mixed with most people not liking this change. Whether it be losing the only recently added fourth day, seeing the second weekend as a cash grab, or simply not being able to afford attendance at both weekends, the majority seems to be against the announcement.

I hope that it works out and this can be two incredible weekends at the Gorge from here on out, but why not just name it something else. Since it isn't back-to-back weekends and the lineup of music and comedy are completely different, why even use the same name?

My belief - This year, the JamBase Live Festival was planned for Friday July 5 and Saturday July 6 at the Gorge. The weekend featured Robert Plant and the Sensational Space Shifters, Slightly Stoopid, Sound Tribe Sector Nine, Railroad Earth and other bands that would have been perfect on any day of a Sasquatch weekend. That show was cancelled. So...

Sasquatch Weekend Two: The Re-Incarnation of What Could Have Been JamBase

Upsides to the changes:
- There are now six days of Sasquatch instead of four.
- You have at least two excuses to go to the Gorge.
- You will have Memorial Day Monday to somewhat recover before returning to work on Tuesday.

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