Getty Images/Scott Gries

Some dumba$$ on Twitter from Buzzfeed says that cargo shorts are a "plague" on America and need to be done away with. WTF?The Buzzfeed writer, Pablo Valdivia, is a moron! His alternative to cargo shorts is something I would suspect would be worn by those who should not wear cargo shorts in the first place. Cargo shorts are not for the weak at heart!

And what are Valdivia's alternatives to cargos?

Let's browse ...


I say 'Hey, Skippy, ya wanna go to a Pantera concert?'


I say: 'Hey baby, let's go get another tattoo!'


I say: 'Wow, are you listening to some Slipknot right now? Can I share your other ear-bud?'


I say:  'Hey, honey, I am headed out to go ride my Harley. Need anything?'


 I say: 'Vans Warped Tour was awesome and everyone loved my shorts!' [Not]


I say: 'Hey sis, can I cut up your old jeans? They will look awesome on my skateboard!'

Hey, if cargos were good enough for Dimebag Darrell (above), they're good enough for the rest of us.

They're America's pants! Love 'em or drop trou and leave!