One score ago.

Two decades.

Some twenty years back, 97 Rock came up with a bumper sticker to send a message to the Federal Government coinciding with a big political event, as then-Presidential candidate, George W. Bush, was preparing for a visit to the lower four Snake River dams to see for himself what the potential removal of any/all of the dams, to save salmon, might look like in the aftermath.

At the time, the overwhelming majority of folks around here agreed with the sentiment to leave the dams in place.


Lo, and behold, here we are again.

April 13th, that's tomorrow, Monday, is the deadline for you to speak your peace on this piece, as this issue is once again on the political forefront.

Click this link to have your say.

Both Klippert and Newhouse are all over the bulk email blasts to remind constituents, including this from the 4th District Congressman: "This draft EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) is critical to our way of life in Central Washington, as it dictates how we operate our dams and provide for native fish species. I encourage everyone to make their voice heard."

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