Former Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland had an interesting weekend on his latest solo tour that included him challenging a heckling audience member to a fight in New York and some rather odd rants during a show in Washington, D.C.

In New York on Saturday night (March 9), it appeared as though a heckler was taunting the vocalist throughout his performance, and at one point Weiland had enough and decided to respond. As can be seen in the fan-filmed video posted here, Weiland challenged the taunting audience member to a fight. "You're pulling like that f---ing gun s---. Come up and meet me one-on-one, man. You play tough guy from an audience behind a barricade," exclaimed the singer. However, after singling out the audience member, he chose not to eject him from the show. "I just don't get it, guys like you waste your money," stated Weiland. "Actually, just let him stay here and just f---ing get all riled up. You won't be able to sleep tonight."

As for his Washington, D.C. show, Weiland reportedly offered a few offbeat rants during his set, with fans chiming in on Twitter about what went down. At one point, he shared his admiration of President Obama and stated, "He's just amazing," but later followed with the odd insight, "Peter Jennings is awesome," relating to the late ABC newsman.

He also addressed his sobriety, revealing, "You're thinking Scott Weiland is on drugs again … no that was 11 years ago, but I still drink." And he went off on a little tangent about grunge, stating, "People called it grunge, but it wasn't grunge … it was going on everywhere." states that one fan chimed in on the forums, adding, "I’ve seen more STP/VR/Scott solo then I can count and this was by far the most painful show I’ve ever been to and that includes a show in which he didn’t even show up (Tampa 2008).”

In related news, Stone Temple Pilots have now replaced their regular website information with a front page that only includes their logo and the information that Weiland had been terminated.

Update: Fan-shot video footage of Scott Weiland's rambling discussion in Washington, D.C. has surfaced online. Watch it below.

Watch Scott Weiland Address the Crowd in Washington, D.C.