I've played Seahawks vs. 49ers in Madden 25 for the Xbox One at least a dozen times -- maybe 14. And I can't beat them. I think it's cheating.

It's pissing me off because I've been playing Madden for 15-20 years. I played a full season of Madden 25 on Xbox 360 AND the PS3. But for some reason the game, the engine, whatever they did for the new systems, the game is a lot different.

It's really irritating because I've been ahead by a touchdown or two going in to the 4th quarter EVERY SINGLE GAME. Then some bullshit happens and the game cheats and beats me on the last play of the game.

Last night I thought I finally had them beat. I was up by a touchdown by less than a minute and half to go AND THE BALL. And they still managed to come from behind and win on the final play of the game. I just about shat myself.

I'm about to give up.

When you read about the game, the developers say they've redesigned the players to be smarter, so they adjust. Ultimately, I think they've made it so they increased difficulty by amazing amounts in the final play of the game. If the 49ers were just smarter and better, they'd be beating me the whole game.

49ers will be on zero, and they can run and pass the ball, and when I have possession, I can't run or pass the ball.

That's not how real football is.

Each team has a ranking, and the 49ers have three more points in their "ranking" (84 vs. 81 for Seattle). It's because at the beginning of this season everyone thought San Francisco was a great team (they went to the Super Bowl last year).

There's nothing different I can do, the game is designed to allow San Francisco to win. In one game, I had over 400 yards of offense and they had under 200 yards, and they still figured out a way to win the game at the very end. I've had double the possession time. In one game I've even been 14 points ahead.

Either the game is broken or the designers favor San Francisco.

The more I think about it the more irritated I get.

Disclaimer, this is the 360 version and not me playing. I just wanted to provide an illustration of some kind.