I was not the only one wondering what was going on, and who was upset how this new tunnel changed the pregame experience.

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credit Aj Brewster
credit Aj Brewster

Seattle Seahawks New  Pregame Player Tunnel

I have sat in the south endzone for Seattle Seahawks games for over 12 years and have only missed 4 games in that span of time because of snow. One of the best things about sitting near the Seahawks tunnel is experiencing the team gathering below just before they run out on the field during pregame. As a fan, it was so cool seeing all my favorite players all together and so close to the fans it felt like you could reach out and touch them. For years, Seahawks fans have gathered at the edge of the railing between sections 129 & 130 before games to be only arm's lengths away from their favorite players as they run onto the field. Now that all has changed, and long-time season-ticket holders were not given a warning or a real answer as to why.


Seahawks Fans Are Not Happy About the Change

As a season ticket holder for the Seattle Seahawks, the first thing I did the next day was call my wonderful team representative and left them a nice message. ( It really was nice because I always get great service from my personal rep.) Later that day they called me back and said that it was just that morning they had begun to hear about the tunnel. My rep said that I was not the only fan complaining about the change and that they had been getting calls all morning about it. I asked if it was because someone had maybe thrown something down on the team and for protection, but they assured me that was not the case. After looking quickly for the answer, my rep found a description in "Fanovation" that might explain everything. They said the new tunnel is part of the new Tunnel Club and increased video effects during pregame introductions. The "Tunnel Club" is a member-only VIP section just built that costs $1,700 per game or $4,000 per season if bought early. The section is in the entrance tunnel and fits 150 people. My representative was nice about it, but I honestly hate the change. Without them exactly saying it, I know it is because they think nobody will pay $1,700 for that experience if people sitting near that entrance get it for just their regular ticket price. Just like adding expensive seats in front of long-time season ticket holders after we won a Super Bowl, they are abusing their loyal fans to make another quick buck and ruining the pregame experience for loyal season ticket holders and fans alike.

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