It seems like forever ago that the Seattle Mariners signed Ichiro Suzuki. He was so hyped up that a lot of fans weren't sure what to expect. His numbers from playing in Japan were impressive, but would he be able to adjust to not only playing in the USA and Major League Baseball, but moving to a new country as well. In his rookie season, Ichiro recorded the most stolen bases in the league, was named American League Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Player, and helped the Mariners win a Major League Baseball record 116 games. I think he fit in just fine.

Now, one of the all time greatest Seattle Mariners is a New York Yankee. Traded at 3pm and starting in Right Field for the Yankees in Safeco Field at 7pm. Ugh...can I throw up now?

I'm not bitter that he's gone. It was inevitable considering the way that the Mariners are headed. An obvious rebuilding team, let's make room by parting ways with a declining veteran. I'm good with that. BUT...I feel he should have finished out this year. The final of a 5 year $90 million contract and one that is definitely not going to see the Mariners make the playoffs. You've stuck around this long, you couldn't take another 60 or so games?

Some fans are blaming the front office. It's easy to do after a lot of questionable decisions they've made the last few years, but Ichiro requested this trade. HE wanted out. Yesterday. Probably before this season even started. If you want to blame the front office, do it for the fact that the Mariners received peanuts and cracker jacks for one of major league baseballs greatest hitters. Not for the fact they traded him.

Thanks for the memories IchiROOOOOOOOO, but I lost a lot of respect for you.

#GetM @mariners, #YankeesSuck.