It might only be week two of the NFL season, but the Seattle Seahawks hosting the San Francisco 49ers this Sunday night is one of the most-anticipated games on the schedule for all football fans this season.

In an attempt to keep the environment safe and enjoyable for all fans in attendance at Century Link this weekend, the Seattle Police Department will have undercover officers decked out in red and gold looking to prevent some of the inappropriate behavior that occurs at NFL stadiums nationwide.

If a fan is over the top and taking things past the normal ribbing that should occur, they could be removed from the stadium. Seattle or San Fran fan. To return to the stadium for another game, the ejected fan will be required to complete a four-hour online course and pay a fee of $75.

I'm kind of surprised to see this type of action being taken in Seattle. Oakland or Philadelphia, sure. Even in San Francisco. But Seattle? Really?

I have been to Century Link and Qwest Field a couple times when my Cincinnati Bengals were in town in 2007 and 2011 and again when the Baltimore Ravens were in Seattle. The first time I went, could have gotten ugly, but some Seahawk fans actually had our back, knowing their fellow fans were out of line. A relative of mine called out an entire section in the 300 level after we were hit with a dozen or so chunks of hot dog, peanuts, wads of paper, whatever the low lifes behind us could find. The people around us, who were also getting hit with trash, helped keep the hooligans in line before it got out of hand. Of course, we and everyone around us gave each other crap all through out the game, but that should be expected. Start throwing garbage on people and someone is going to start throwing punches no matter what stadium you are in.

Basically, this should go without saying, don't be a jack wagon. Root on your team, heckle the visiting team's fans, and enjoy the game. Take it past that and you could be removed from the stadium and made to pay almost the same price as a stadium six pack to get re-admitted to another game.

Forget the fine. I can't think of any better retribution for a d-bag fan than to be arrested by a cop in the visiting teams uniform.

Good luck this week, whoever you are rooting for.