Around 2:30 a.m. Friday morning, Seattle police received a call about a man rolling down the western side of Capitol Hill in an office chair. The man was also carrying a set of drum sticks, had a hubcap tied to his arm, and was wearing motorcycle goggles and several scarves and purses. He obviously had important matters to attend to. When police contacted the extreme casual Friday celebrator, the man told them he was “late for a gig.” This guy might be a little off of his rocker, but at least he dressed the part!

The 29-year-old man initially gave police a fake name and then told officers to handcuff him. After obliging the man’s request, officers sat the man back down in the chair and rolled him over to the curb. The man then rolled himself back into traffic and fell out of his chair but was caught by one of the officers.

As police helped the man over to the curb and sat him down again, he spat at an officer. The man missed the officer, but warned his salvo of spittle was simply a “warning” shot. Officers then searched the man and found he was carrying a 12″ crowbar, and had stuffed a belt buckle and necklace into his gloves.

Officers took the man to Harborview for a mental health evaluation.

[Via SPD Blotter]