After years of Seattle Seahawks fans wanting this change, we now know when we finally get to see them!

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Seattle Seahawks Announce Throwback Uniform Reveal Date

After years upon years of waiting for this day, the Seattle Seahawks are finally going to reveal their new throwback uniforms for the 2023 NFL season. Since the Seahawks switched to a blue helmet, fans have wanted and wished to see the old silver helmet and pants they wore from 1976 to 2001. It had never been possible because of the dreaded "one helmet rule" until it was changed in 2022. Seahawks fans knew this day was eventually coming, but now we know exactly when!

Getty Images
Getty Images

Seattle Seahawks Throwback Reveal is This Week

Just yesterday, the official Twitter account of the Seattle Seahawks reposted a tweet from Quandre Diggs that the designs of the new 2023 Seattle Seahawks throwback uniforms would finally be released sometime this Wednesday. Diggs also said in his Tweet that he might have a "tease" for Seahawks fans sometime today (Tuesday, July 18, 2023). So far nothing else has been revealed from Quandre Diggs Twitter account.

Seahawks Produce Tease Sneak Video

Then today, the Seattle Seahawks tried to beat Quandre Diggs to the punch by posting a tease video of their own on their Twitter account today. The video looks like it is shot from the bedroom of a Seahawks fan in the 1980s with old pictures of the team on the walls and old gadgets like a Rubics Cube, Nintendo 64, and a Walkman on the table. Below, I post a few screenshots from that video along with some other action shots of the Seattle Seahawks from that era so you can get a good idea of what is coming sometime tomorrow! Go Seahawks!

Seattle Seahawks Throwback Sneak Peak

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