If you haven't heard of the guy that dresses up and patrols the streets of Seattle as superhero Phoenix Jones, you should have. He has been patrolling the streets for years at his own personal risk to stop crime only armed with body armor, mase, a body camera, and his training. Jones has been punched, stabbed, shot, and saved a few lives on the way during his patrols. Phoenix Jones real name is Ben Foder and he has also been competing in MMA bouts over the last couple years and now has a huge fight against his older brother Carlos Fodor.

The brothers will battle it out at WSOF 32 on Saturday July 30 in Everett Washington and will also be carried live on NBCsN. The brothers are not blood brothers but were both adopted by their mother who does not want them to fight. The brothers have a long rivalry and are known not to get along because Carlos has made fun of Ben's superhero identity for years. Carlos says in a report that the fight comes at a perfect time because " we're not getting along very well".

Carlos is favored to win the fight because he has more experience as a fighter but Jones thinks he has more to loose. "I get knocked out badly, it's not just like I can go home and be upset. Every gang banger that I've ever run into, every dude on the street that I've tried to protect, every one of those dudes is going to pull a gun, pull a knife and try to stab me, because they don't respect me any more. I have a lot more to lose" says Phoenix Jones.

Let's hope the brothers bury the hatchet and mend their relationship after finally taking it out in the octagon.