This weekend is going to be one of the most crowded and crazy around Seattle for as long as I can remember.

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Seattle Packed with People This Weekend

If you are planning to just stroll into the Seattle area to attend one of the many events happening, get ready to feel like a sardine. There are a lot of big events planned this weekend in the Seattle area and at the same time, and at the same time multiple highways are closed for construction. City officials want to make sure people know what to expect when traveling to Seattle for one of these events.

The events this weekend are each pulling 10s of thousands of people with all of them trying to "drive" around or find places to eat or sleep. Trust me when I say that just the two Taylor Swift concerts alone would put a large strain on traffic or hotel availability. Thousands are said to be coming from all over for both nights of her concerts, but there are plenty more huge events planned that will just compound an already interesting problem.


Closed Highways Contribute to Weekend Seattle Madness

Not only are tens of thousands flooding into Seattle this weekend for events but many highways will be closed or restricted from heavy construction at the same time. That will make it even more difficult for all those people to get around. The Seattle highways are bad normally, but this weekend good luck getting anywhere in a reasonable amount of time. With all these events and closures going on, it can be difficult to know exactly when and where you should avoid if you HAVE to go to Seattle this weekend. That's why I put together an easy-to-read and understand survival guide together for you below with all the important information.

Swiftie Weekend Seattle Survival Guide

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