If my boss wore a crucifix necklace or posted Christian-themed memes to Facebook I wouldn't mind a bit. But if she started leading prayer circles at work and pasting Bible verses around the office I might get uncomfortable -- even if I agreed. That's the position four mall cops found themselves in and when they complained they were fired.

At first glance this looks like an attack on someone's Christianity, but after learning more it's clear this Gresham mall cop supervisor was no ordinary Christian.

For example, she once said, "I am not bound by some sissy pastor... I am not some weak pansy Christian."

She began referring to the security hub kiosk as her church, posted Bible verses to the walls, led prayer circles with staffers who were willing, vocally requested the staff recruit more Christians to work at the mall, was obsessed with the Illuminati, showed Christian videos during training sessions and was afraid the mall was opening the gates for demons to enter."

All of this is alleged in a lawsuit against the Portland-area mall. When she told one staff member his gay relatives were going to hell, he filed a complaint and three employees joined with him. All three were fired. Now they're suing.

It won't be hard to gather evidence since the supervisor was quite prolific on social media.

If it was you would you complain, or pull a Jim Halpert and just enjoy the ride?