I was a little surprised by the survey results for the most hated celebrity women. I've met Rachel Ray and partied with her -- she's really, really nice. Some others on this list are actually likable, but it's cool to hate them. My No. 1 wasn't even in the survey results. Check it out and tell me if you agree.
My No. 1 is Miley Cyrus. My No. 5 is Justin Bieber. I have to talk about them every damn day. If they just lived their lives and made songs I wouldn't mind, but there has to be some drama every damn day, OMG.
According to the survey:

1. Everyone on The View
2. Gwyneth Paltrow
3. Rachel Ray
4. Jennifer Lopez
5. Kim Kardashian
6. Fergie (her singing, not the person)
7. Oprah (the public figure, not the person)
8. Rihanna
9. Demi Lovato
10. Flo from the Progressive ads