Seattle was excited to approve what would have been the tallest building in the Western U.S. at 102 stories. It's super difficult to estimate height until the building is completed, but the guess is 1,117 feet (the tallest buildings in the entire world are about 107 stories and most in L.A. are barely 100).

It was supposed to built at the intersection of Fourth Avenue and Columbia Street in downtown. Currently the lot is home to a modest parking garage.

So why can't they?

The Federal Aviation Administration says no!

The building would have "adverse physical or electromagnetic interference" on the navigable air space! In other words, it could interfere with instruments at Boeing Field!
Also, the crane to build the tower would interfere with medical helicopters heading to Harborview.

The FAA wants the building chopped down to a measly 965 feet, which would be just inches shorter than the current tallest building in Seattle. For perspective, most of the skyscrapers in the Manhattan skyline are between 700-900 feet.

The developer believes he can work through these challenges, but the current tallest-building's owner said he tried to build something bigger but was not allowed.

Dan Callister, Getty Images