Employees of the engineering company Benesch got a Hot Wheels car to roll across 2,176 feet of track to break a Guinness World Record.
Workers at the branch in Pottsville, Pennsylvania say they began planning the attempt in February, and gathered 100 volunteers to set up the track this past week.
Volunteers laid out nearly 1,400 pieces of track and the toy car glided 2,176 feet, beating the previous record of 1,838 feet, set in Moscow in 2018.
The company says evidence is being submitted to Guinness for official certification."It was a great introduction to the principles of science and engineering for young kids. It was great to see almost 50 children there on Saturday morning," Benesch chairman Greg Brennan said.
If you ever played with Hot Wheels as a kid, this is for you...


Another angle of the run can be found in a report on the event here.

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