There's a fruit smoothie commercial that was banned from daytime TV in the UK and when you see it, you'll understand why.

Every moment looks like a porn movie, starring fruit. That's correct. No people, just fruit. Very rude fruit.

The makers of the TV commercial call it "health food porn".

The money shot is jet stream of fruit smoothie erupting (40th Anniversary, Mt. St. Helens today) from a pouch.

I think it's the whistling soundtrack that draws the viewer in and then here comes the pert pair of avocados, supple and firm, followed by the single female finger slowly working the upright length of a banana. The "too rude for TV" ad gets racier with apricots, hairy kiwi fruits and some properly placed smoothie working its way strategically down a perfectly halved strawberry. I'll never look at a cut strawberry the same way again.

There's not a sweaty body anywhere, but the end finishes like a stallion with lemons and avocados getting the squeeze, a banana breaking in half and an arcing smoothie rope flying over raspberries and blueberries.

Everything in the spot, is in the ready-to drink smoothie, dripping honey, too. Swisse Me, the ad maker said, "All the goodness, with none of the filth...there’s nothing more natural than getting a mouthful of fruit, which is exactly what our smoothies are packed with."

This cannot be played in the UK until after 9:00 p.m. Do you agree? Too hot to handle? Or maybe adopt it for a Tri-City Farmers Market ad flight in the near future? How would THAT go over?

Here it is:


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