I'll be honest. When Governor Inslee's executive order came down, I didn't realize how different my life would be. I work and I go home. That's pretty much my day, and that's how I like it. My family and I typically go out on the weekends and hit up the stores (RIP my wallet), but we haven't for the past two weeks. "Hey," I thought, "you'll be saving some money during all of this." It wasn't until I actually went out and started taking pictures of Kennewick that it all set in. What was once a busy town had gone mostly quiet. My daily commutes hadn't given me any inclination of how deserted everything had become since I saw roughly the same amount of traffic every morning.

I took my family out and took some pictures to share with you to show you how much life has changed for Tri-Citians this week. I hope you enjoy them because I learned a lot by doing this.

Seeing the Columbia Center Mall This Empty is Eerie

I'm glad I was able to go out and appreciate how much has changed for us in Tri-Cities. It really brings home the feeling that millions of others in the world are feeling right now. When countries across the world started shutting down, I didn't really think it would happen to us. Now that it has, I've started to appreciate the smaller things that I've overlooked for many years. For now, I'll enjoy the quiet but I eagerly await a return to "normal" life here in Tri-Cities. Thanks for taking a look at my gallery. I hope you and your family are safe and healthy.

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