Seether had an interesting year in 2011 with the departure of their guitarist Troy McLawhorn, who returned to Evanescence. Nonetheless, the band has had much success with their latest album ‘Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray.’ In our interview with frontman Shaun Morgan, he revealed that the band is perfectly fine as a three piece and that they have no desire to add another guitarist to the group just yet.

“I don’t think for what we do live, I think for special occasions or maybe some point down the line we might bring somebody in. But I think part of us doing this is because we’re defiant, [laughs] we want to show that we don’t need the other person.”

Morgan elaborates on his defiant nature, “In any of these kinds of situations it’s, ‘Oh my God now the band’s gonna fall apart.” No, bullsh-t, that’s not going to happen and to be honest all three of us, especially John and I have that defiant nature and we are the kinds of guys that say we’re gonna prove to the people, the naysayers and the critics and all that, that we are doing just fine without somebody else.”

“Maybe Amy [Lee] needed him more than I did, so in some sort of cosmic way that they reconnected and he’s back in that band then good luck to both of them. We feel that we don’t need anybody but then again you never know everything changes as years go by you get a little like, ‘Oh I don’t want to play these songs anymore let someone else do it’ [laughs] or it could be something where it’s necessary if we’re writing songs to have two guitars on every song then it might be a different story.”

He goes on to say, “Even Green Day went from being a three piece to a four piece on the last couple albums, I prefer to go the other route and stick to being three guys because we’re all really good friends, we’re family, we all know how each other plays. On each album, we end up writing songs together in a room or we have to play them together in a room so if we can do that then there’s no reason to hire somebody else.”

“At the end of the day we feel comfortable, even though there’s a lot more for me to do, I feel like I can handle it and the other guys don’t have a problem with me playing so it’s good so far.”

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