An aggressively driving semi truck followed too close to another on I-90 spreading big chinks of wreckage on the highway.

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Aggressive Trucker Slams Into Another Semi on I-90

A semi-driver following too close to another trailer learned the hard way lessons about keeping a safe following distance on I-90. The Washington State Patrol posted about an accident between two semi-trucks in a social media post on Tuesday evening. The accident happened around 5:30 pm in the westbound lanes of I-90 near the SR-18 exit. The accident between the semis closed the far right lane while crews worked to move both trucks and for police to investigate the area. The crash was so violent that the back axil of the front semi was detached from its trailer and came to rest lying on the highway. The conditions of either driver of the affected trucks were not released. Washington State Patrol Trooper explained the situation saying, "This happened a little earlier today WB 90 near SR 18. A two semi-non-injury collision. Apparently one semi was following the other one too close." Yup, just a little too close right Trooper Johnson?

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