People are murdered every day! Why do certain trials catch national media attention and others don't? Maybe we'll never know, but the famous ones seem to have the same elements in common: the murderer, or the victim, or both, are attractive. Here are some top examples from history:

1. Helen Jewett

You've likely never heard of this woman, but I guarantee your history teacher has. This was probably the FIRST major national media frenzy over a murder trial. She was a very expensive prostitute murdered by a client, who ended up getting off on technicalities.

2. Natalie Wood

This investigation is still underway, but this hottie drowned on her boat with handsome husband Robert Wagner and a young, attractive Christopher Walken.

3. Casey Anthony

Hey, check it out: Wikipedia won't allow a page on the suspected murderer, they redirect all traffic to the page about the death of her little girl!

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4. OJ Simpson


5. Oscar Pistorius

My coworkers can't get enough about this!

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