Earlier this year Ozzy Osbourne made the revelation that he had relapsed with drugs and alcohol and offered an apology to his family, friends and the fans for his actions. His wife Sharon Osbourne later revealed that she was "devastated" by Osbourne's actions and that she intended to support Osbourne despite her unhappiness about the situation. In the period since the revelation, the singer has been doing his best to make amends and has maintained his sobriety.

Sharon Osbourne told USA Today, "He's doing incredibly well. He is -- eighty plus days clean and sober. He's working his program rigidly. It's amazing to see how somebody in just over 80 days can change their lives around. You know, miracles happen all the time and he has [gone from] hating himself, from a place of despair, to being a responsible husband and father again and it's amazing to see."

She added, "I'm very proud of him. He's a great example too for people. He's not the only person that suffers from addiction. Tomorrow's a new day and you start all over again. You just don't give up. It doesn't matter what you have, or your position in life, you still have those demons in you. This problem affects so many people. It doesn't matter what you have, it's still the same battle for everyone."

Sharon Osbourne, in addition to co-hosting CBS' 'The Talk,' has penned her first children's book, 'Mama Hook Knows Best: A Pirate Parent's Favorite Fables.' The book will be released by Disney Publishing on Sept. 17. As for Ozzy Osbourne, he's preparing for the release of Black Sabbath's new album, '13,' due in stores June 11.