Anyone even a little familiar with cars knows that the fastest car in the world was built right here in Tri-cities. Now that same company, SSC North America, finally got financing to build a plant to make those same cars in West Richland according to sources. The companies first car, the Ultimate Aero, holds the land speed record with the Guinness book of world records that it broke in 2007 at 257 mph. The new cars they are building are estimated to go faster then 270 and have a huge list of collectors that already want to buy them. The problem is that the company could not get financing to build the plant needed to build the cars for the last 3 years, and the project had been stalled.

Now with the new financing, Shelby can start construction again and hopes to be building cars by the last quarter of 2017. The new plant will also serve as a museum where people can come see how the cars are made. Shelby says "There’s no shortage of customers. There’s a shortage of cars" according to news sources. Maybe now he can fix that problem and put the Tri-cities on the worldwide automotive map.