Shinedown are giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at their highly anticipated new album ‘Amaryllis’ ahead of its March 27 release date.

Shinedown’s popularity has grown with each release since their 2003 debut album ‘Leave a Whisper.’ The band reached the pinnacle of their career with their wildly successful 2008 album ‘The Sound of Madness,’ which sold over 1.3 million copies in the United States alone.

Most bands in their position would wonder how they can outdo themselves with the follow-up to such a successful album, but not Shinedown. “It’s not about beating ['The Sound of Madness'], it’s about taking it to a new level,” says vocalist Brent Smith of their upcoming album ‘Amaryllis.’

We recently premiered the music video for the band’s current chart-topping single ‘Bully.’ Watch it here. And in a new video of Shinedown via Noisecreep, you can see the band rehearsing for their headlining spot on the Avalanche tour, as well as talking about their history and the direction on the new album. Check it out below:

Shinedown – Avalanche Tour Rehearsal Video [via Noisecreep]