After the whirlwind settles down, a story comes to a close. Officers were making an arrest of a suspected gang member last week in east Kennewick. The suspect's pitbull, Jasmine, got out of the house and followed the officers and suspect. Another officer, from behind a fence, shot the dog once.

She died shortly after.

While calling the incident a "tragedy," Sheriff Jerry Hatcher says there will be no investigation. A Prosser officer shot the pet and there was just cause, Hatcher decided after reviewing the video and interviewing officers.

Tri-Cities residents were split, almost 50/50, on whether they agreed with the shooting. While great pets, large dogs can be a threat to officers if they feel a need to protect their owners. Perhaps the Prosser officer should have waited for one of the arresting officers to request the action. And the woman filming the incident should have put her phone down and grabbed her dog. People are still torn about it.

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