Imagine you risk your life daily for 24 years to help people for a living, and a group who wants to protest your profession is forcing you to work late on Black Friday. Would you be upset? But what if you're a cop and you're complaining about "Black Lives Matter" and call them "fools" on Twitter... it puts your employer in a sticky situation.

The officer is John Hurlman and he was assigned by the Portland Police Bureau to provide crowd control and security during a scheduled "Black Lives Matter--Not Black Friday" rally at Lloyd Center in Portland from 1-10 p.m.

He Tweeted, "Black Lives Matter is planning to protest at Lloyd Center on black Friday. Oh joy, stuck late again at work to babysit these fools." He removed the post soon after, but a screen shot had already been made and passed on to headquarters.

The group was understandably offended and upset. The comment was obviously insensitive considering their entire focus is on police not showing enough concern for African Americans. And it's one thing to complain about working late, but to call a civic group exercising constitutional rights "fools" is just plain rude.

Mark Wilson, Getty Images