Last month Rep. Mary Dye (who represents most of Franklin County) received heavy criticism in the media for the way she spoke to some teens from Pullman asking her to support birth control funding for teenagers. She asked the teens advocating for Planned Parenthood if they were virgins and went on to express her support for abstinence. 

Was she wrong?

Do you believe taxpayers should buy teenagers birth control? There are a lot of reasons why they should, but many don't believe teens should be having sex.

I'll be honest, I was a virgin until I got married at age 23. I was taught abstinence and I chose that for me and was glad I did. I don't have a problem with my representative responding similarly to lobbyists for Planned Parenthood.

People who disagree applaud the high ideals but point to all the problems teen pregnancy brings (not to mention STDs). An expert told me Tri-City schools have a big problem with STDs.

When schools arm kids with information to help them make responsible choices, do you want the sex ed curriculum driven by people like Rep. Dyer or Planned Parenthood?

Jeffrey Collingwood