Holy weekend...I made it up to Safeco Field on Friday for the Seattle Mariners home opener and made a pit stop at Iron Horse Brewery on the way to the game for a 'little' sampler platter, then back for a wild Saturday in the Tri-Cities. Between Tri City Americans Playoff Hockey, Social Distortion at the Toyota Arena, Smash For Cash Demolition Derby at the TRAC, and whatever else you crazies got in to, there were plenty of options to have get out and have some fun this weekend.

I went to the Social Distortion show at the Toyota Arena. I got there a little later then planned and missed out on Lindi Ortega. How was her performance? Drop a comment below...Toadies absolutely rocked and sounded great! Then of course Social Distortion put on a wicked awesome show. Mike Ness was a total showman and had some good interaction with the crowd as the So Cal boys ripped out hit after hit.

After that show got over, me and a couple buddies high tailed it out to Richland to catch the last of Eclectic Approach with Pitch The Woo and Citizen Hi-Fi at Ray's Golden Lion. We missed out on EA and Pitch The Woo, but caught Citizen Hi-Fi's set. They sounded awesome and rocked out to a packed house that came out for both their CD release and Pitch The Woo's as well! All and all, it was a kick ass weekend, filled with plenty of good people, good music, and good beverages.

Now, we want to see how YOU rocked out this weekend. Got a pic from Smash For Cash, Social Distortion, Americans playoff hockey, or whatever else kind of craziness you managed to survive this weekend? Upload your picture to Facebook and tag 97 Rock, shoot out a tweet with your picture mentioning @97rockonline on Twitter, or use the form below and upload your pic and we will post it up right here.