Jimi Hendrix's cultural impact on New York's Greenwich Village is immeasurable.

For almost 50 years, music's most celebrated recordings have been produced on West 8th Street at Electric Lady Studios - the facility designed by John Storyk and built by Jimi Hendrix himself in 1970. Hendrix spent only ten weeks recording in Electric Lady before his death. From Patti Smith, Stevie Wonder, David Bowie, and The Rolling Stones to Lorde, Frank Ocean, St. Vincent and Adele, Hendrix's inspiration and influence is still felt to this day.

The movement is growing among neighbors and organizers who are coming together to pay tribute to Jimi's "...unmatched contribution to creativity, self-expression, and to our local community by co-naming West 8th Street Jimi Hendrix Way."

Collaborators Storm Ritter of Storm Ritter Studio, Richard Geist of Uncle Sam's Army Navy Outfitters and supportive community members of The Village Alliance are creating a path to a fitting tribute. Please join by signing the petition here.

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