Two local women have taken to Facebook to defend their parents after their brothers allegedly kidnapped an 86-year-old woman and shoved her in the trunk of her car.

Hazel Abel of Kennewick was kidnapped from her home about 3 a.m. and stuffed in the trunk of her car by three boys ages 14, 15 and 16.

The woman escaped near Portland and the teens were arrested.

On social media the community is shocked at what kind of parenting would result in such young boys doing something so horrible.

Two of the boys' sisters are pleading on Facebook not to drag their parents into it:

This kids were out of control. Beyond my parents's control. Literally crazy... Please do not blame my family for this. We were not raised this way."

Another of the boys' sister said,

It's so terrible that people don't take our feelings into consideration. So many hateful comments towards family when none of us could do anything about it."

Both women scoured the comments under news reports correcting people blaming their upbringing. Both insist the boys were indeed raised well and knew better. One also asserted police said they will likely be tried as adults and may face federal charges for crossing state lines. That could mean federal prison for at least the oldest who is barely old enough to drive.

Hazel Abel was allegedly the great grandmother of one of the boys.