With social networks like Facebook, 4Chan, Twitter, and Reddit, news can spread ithin minutes. Late Wednesday night, a post was made on 4Chan.org stating that a student was going to take their father's sub machine gun (supposedly pictured in the post) and "open fire on people in the commons until i am either taken down by our school's police officer or run out of mags.'"

Needless to say, authorities were alerted and the school took action by closing for the day.

Most comments to the post suggested this was a hoax by a student looking to avoid class. One, because it's common for posts like this to be circulated around 4chan.org. And two, the image of the 'erma smg ' in the post can be found on multiple websites yet the post states the gun is owned by his/her father. Hoax or not, threats like this can not be taken lightly or overlooked.

The King County Sheriff’s Office is investigating where the threat came from: “We don’t know who made the threat but we’re going to take it as legitimate just so everyone stays safe,” Sgt. Cindi West told the Seattle Times. Updates will be posted as they happen on the Issaquah School District's Facebook page.


Here is the original post that went up late Wednesday night on 4Chan.org: (Warning: graphic language)


[Via Reddit and Seattle Times]