Slash’s sophomore solo album, “Apocalyptic Love,” drops May 22 on the guitarist’s own label, Dik Hayd International. The famed six-stringer has been getting fans pumped for the release with a series of killer webisodes, the last of which has just been posted on his official YouTube channel. 

“Apocalyptic Love” is the follow-up to Slash’s 2010 self-titled solo debut, which landed at the No. 3 spot on the Billboard 200 chart. “You’re a Lie,” the first single from “Apocalyptic Love,” was the second track that singer Myles Kennedy brought to Slash, which the duo continued to work on until the tail end of their recording sessions.

According to Slash himself, “You’re a Lie” was somewhat of a sleeper single. “We changed the arrangement twice, and it was the last thing we worked on in the studio when we were doing the album,” he tells Rolling Stone. “It was the last one we did and, funnily enough, the first one we released.”

The six-string Mad Hatter wasn’t sure if ‘You’re A Lie’ would become a single to represent the record, due to his mindset of not thinking of his various works as “singles” or “album cuts.” “The single concept has always been the last thing I ever want to deal with,” explains Slash. “I come from that AOR mentality where a single to me can be a five-minute, six-minute, really cool rock track.”

Check out Slash’s final webisode for ‘Apocalyptic Love’ below.

Watch Slash’s Final ‘Apocalyptic Love’ Webisode: